Monday, April 28, 2014

Twenty Seven

A little over a week in to being 27 and the word that continues to resonate is content. Twenty six was a weird year in a lot of ways. It was messy and often painful, but through the bad comes growth. For the first time in a very long time, I feel comfortable with who I am and who I am becoming. It's a nice feeling.

Now that I am officially in my late twenties I am at a place where I am ready and excited to move forward. Being more comfortable in my own skin, I'm ready and excited to make some changes to better reflect the person I want to become. New routines, new habits. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

I love the idea of choosing a word to reflect the year ahead, but I find that my birthday resonates more personally for a fresh start than New Year's Eve. This year, that word is delight. If there's one clear thing that I can be critical of in the past year it's that I spent much of it getting bogged down in my daily routine. Delight isn't just in the big gestures, delight is in the details too! How can my days be more delightful, and how can I share that delight with others? These are the questions I want to be intentional about exploring this year.

As for my birthday itself? This year was particularly lovely. Even though my birthday fell during a particularly busy week at work, my coworkers decorated my cubicle and surprised me with the darling birthday basket below. My mom surprised me with some beautiful flowers, and my parents took me to my favorite pizza place for dinner. At the end of the day I felt so loved and special.

This year also marked a new tradition of taking myself on a birthday vacation. I made reservations for my favorite hotel back in January and this past weekend I was able to savor a thoroughly wonderful stay at the Bellagio. More on that soon because I couldn't stop myself from taking a ridiculous amount of photos. This tradition, though? Definitely a keeper.

What are your favorite birthday traditions?


  1. That sounds like a wonderful birthday! What a cool idea to go on a birthday vacation! I think I told you happy birthday on twitter or somewhere, but in case I didn't, happy belated birthday! So glad you had a great time. Isn't "delight" such a great word? It just sounds like happy evolved. Definitely the reason I called my blog "delighted"! :) I definitely feel like birthdays are more of a fresh start than New Year's. One of my favorite birthday traditions is the red velvet cakes Matt would make me each year... hasn't happened in a while, but MAN are they the best red velvet cakes I've ever had. He even homemakes the icing! Dreamy.

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! It's definitely on my list of favorite words, every time I see your blog name it makes me smile. Yum! There is nothing like homemade cake made by someone you love.